Deep Quilt Mattress
Light Quilt Mattress
Ambassador Coil Sprung Damask Mattress
Cambridge Coil Sprung Damask Mattress
Capri Ortho Sprung Mattress
Contour Reflex Foam Mattress
Crown Coil Sprung Mattress
Dallas Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress
Deluxe Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress
Diamond Classic Memory Sprung Mattress
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Duchess Pillow Top Belgian Damask Mattress
Glendale Visco Memory Mattress
Imperial Coil Sprung Mattress
Kent Luxury Coil Sprung Mattress
Oxford Coil Sprung Damask Mattress
Prudence Coil Sprung Mattress
Prudence Economy Coil Sprung Mattress
Roma Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress
Senator Coil Sprung Mattress
Venetian Ortho Memory Sprung Mattress
Eco Foam
Deep Quilt
Alton (pocket memory)
Omerta sleep mattress


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       Victoria                        Windsor                         Dorchester                        Ascot                       Florence                  Cambridge

Victoria (super ortho) – Features a firm 12.5g tempered unit, hypoallergenic white fibre comfort fillings, traditional hand tufted finish and striking high quality damask covering.

Windsor (ortho) – Feature quality of layers of fillings for your comfort, available with and without storage, tempered steel open coil spring unit for support, hand crafted in the UK, ultra sprung fibres.

DorchesterFeatures a 1000 responsive individual pocket springs, ideal for any bedroom ensuring to deliver both comfort and elegance to any room. Includes hypoallergenic Comfort Fillings, Cashmere blended covering for a truly soft, cooling and luxurious feel and has 25mm (1 inch) Layer of memory foam, mattress firmness Rating of: Medium/ Firm and mattress thickness of 25.5cm.

Ascot (memory comfort) – Featuring a tempered 13.5g open coil spring system, a memory foam comfort layer, supported by layers of classic fillings covered with a cool touch knitted fabric.

FlorenceThe Florence is one of the highest in specification and luxury, with 1500 individually pocketed springs topped with an extra deep layer of memory foam, and featuring a contrasting grey border and a woollen tufted damask. This model gently moulds to the shape of the body for full body support.

Cambridge (ortho care) – Features a tempered open coil spring system, polyester fibre fillings for comfort & support, traditional hand tufted finish and damask fabric covering.

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